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New iPhones’ Bigger Screens Key Factor To Android Users’ Exodus

New iPhones’ Bigger Screens Key Factor To Android Users’ Exodus


New iPhones’ Bigger Screens Key Factor To Android Users’ Exodus

New iPhones Bigger Screens Key FactorApple CEO Tim Cook says they could have made the bigger iPhones years ago, way ahead of their famous competitors, but opted not to because the Cupertino company felt that during those times, Apple will not be able to deliver a “better phone in every single way”.

But now, Apple has recently made the bigger 4.7-inch iPhones 6 and the monstrous 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus available to the masses which means Apple feels the time is right for something better than better.

Pre-order sales of the new iPhones had been very brisk when the Apple Store and its resellers/partners opened up for business last Friday and even brought in a record-breaking 4 million pre-orders for the new iPhones in just 24 hours.

Now, it seems that a lot of phablet users (read : Android) were just waiting for Apple to release a bigger-screened iPhone and are now dumping/trading in their Android devices to get Apple’s premier mobile handsets. It appears that the key factor here is definitely the bigger screen real estate that the new iPhones offer which lures would-be Android phablet buyers to consider the new iPhones.

Top online electronic reseller, Gazelle, mentioned that its Android phone trade-ins, particularly Samsung smartphones, have tripled last week. They also polled Android users and found out that a whopping one-third of them were switching to the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus. The poll also revealed the 39% of the respondents say that the bigger screen was the deciding feature on why they are switching to the new iPhones.

Confident that they will have a lot of new converts, Apple had already posted a guide for Android users to make the switch to the new iPhones as easy as possible. The how-to guide includes important items like transferring contacts, accounts, calendar events, photos, music, movies, documents and a whole lot more.

But Apple should be wary because only one thing could severely impact on this massive exodus: availability of its most sought-after iPhone 6. Apple must see to it that stocks of their precious iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are on hand when buyers go to their stores or they will surely lose potential customers, again, to Samsung who will unleash its own dark horse, the Note 4, by October.

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