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New iOS 8 Features To Make Mobile Life Easier

New iOS 8 Features To Make Mobile Life Easier


New iOS 8 Features To Make Mobile Life Easier

New iOS 8 Features To Make Mobile Life EasierToday will be another big day for both Apple and the company’s loyal followers as the Cupertino firm will be releasing the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 8. For the past years 7 years since 2007, Apple has unleashed an updated and improved mobile OS for all its iDevices and with each iteration, Apple has added new features that enhance not only the users’ experience but also changed the way we interact with our mobile device – making them an essential part of our daily lives.

Apple first announced iOS 8 last June, 2014 during its annual WWDC where Apple’s main man, CEO Tim Cook, said that it will be a giant release in the true sense of the word. Apple had injected a lot of improvements and new features into iOS 8 and below are some of those that will surely make using iDevices much more fun and easier.

The most prominent feature new to iOS 8 which Apple fans will surely enjoy is Widgets. A long-time Android feature, iOS 8 has allowed and incorporated Widgets to be added to the Today Screen in the Notification Center only to ensure that battery life of the iDevice is not severely affected and to keep the mess confined to a single area.

With iOS 8, Notifications will be more interactive and easier to use. If, for instance, the user gets a text or an iMessage; this notification will pop up on top of the screen as usual but with IOS 8, the user doesn’t have to open the corresponding app to reply to the sender but instead could just reply using the notification itself. After that, the pop up notification will disappear and the user can continue with what he’s doing. This improvement also works with other built-in (like Calendar) as well as third-party (like Facebook) apps.

Since day one, users have been griping about the iOS keyboard and how cumbersome and unintuitive it is to use. Thanks to iOS 8, the keyboard has now become much smarter with its QuickType predictive typing and it’s also worth mentioning that iOS 8 will now support third-party keyboards like crowd favorite Swype.

If you’re an Apple fan, it’s likely that you own more than one or two Apple iDevices and it’s almost definite that you use an iMac or a MacBook. When Apple releases OS X Yosemite to the public, iOS users will greatly benefit with what Apple calls Continuity – a feature that lets multiple Apple device owners to use their gadgets seamlessly. Answer your iPhone using your iMac; reply to that text message with your MacBook; or even finish writing that letter you started on your laptop using your iPad. The possibilities with Continuity are limitless.

Tim Cook is right in saying that iOS 8 will be a giant release and these new features mentioned above are just a few of the myriad others we will discover and benefit from today’s unleashing.

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