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New Easter Egg In Justice League Teaser Trailer, Watchmen Reference Spotted

New Easter Egg In Justice League Teaser Trailer, Watchmen Reference Spotted
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New Easter Egg In Justice League Teaser Trailer, Watchmen Reference Spotted

Since Zack Snyder officially released the Justice League teaser trailer, the footage has been broken down and analyzed for potential Easter eggs. By far, the secret references spotted in the video have left fans awestruck.

Earlier this week MNU spotted 5 important details from the Justice League teaser trailer. But a user on Twitter recently revealed a new Easter egg, suggesting a mysterious role to be part of the movie.

The Easter Egg was spotted during Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen’s talk in the trailer. Fans can see the Watchmen reference on Ezra Miller’s t-shirt. See the tweet below.

While it’s quite evident that the quote “Tales of the Black Freighter” on Barry’s t-shirt is from Watchmen, fans are puzzled over Zack Snyder’s reason for planting it in the teaser trailer. Speculations on DCEU’s Reddit forum suggest Dr.Manhattan played by Billy Crudup to have a possible role in the movie.

Watchmen movie was also directed by Zack Snyder and was the first R-rated movie by DCEU. Furthermore, a similar Easter egg directed towards Watchmen was spotted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well.

Earlier, fans found an Easter egg revealing a possibility that The Flash’s mechanical suit was inspired from the Man of Steel. Moreover, it has also been confirmed that Barry Allen’s costume spotted in the teaser trailer is the initial suit designed by him. Fans will get to see a new suit created by Bruce Wayne in the movie as well.

Justice League movie will be releasing on November 17th, 2017. Fans expect more teaser trailer to be revealed soon.

In other news, DC Entertainment has brought back Matt Ryan to voice Constantine in an animated feature called Justice League Dark. The studio has not revealed the exact release date yet.

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