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New Disney Robot Uses Hybrid Configuration To Wave At People

New Disney Robot Uses Hybrid Configuration To Wave At People
A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot YouTube / DisneyResearchHub


New Disney Robot Uses Hybrid Configuration To Wave At People

It can’t be denied that the world has entered the robotic era. From a humanoid robot capable of storing memory of its conversation with a human to a robotic machine that can wave at people and do complex tasks with precision, new generations of robots are coming our way.

Animation studio giant Disney has recently ventured into a relatively new endeavor as it launched a prototype of a new generation of remote-controlled robot that integrates new technology in robotics, making use of hydraulic and pneumatic lines. The end result is the Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human-Safe Haptic Telepresence robot.

Pneumatic Transmission

In a video demonstration released by Disney Research, the robot is shown capable of doing complex things using advanced technology where a human can control the movement of the robot with accuracy, boosting pneumatic transmission technology.

“Contrary to traditional valve-based hydraulic systems, hydrostatic transmissions provide a direct fluid coupling between an energy source/sink—most commonly an electric motor—and a remote joint,” an excerpt of the paper reads.

Handling delicate objects

It is capable of handling delicate object as well. In the demonstration video, the robot is capable of handling any objects as delicate as an egg without orbreaking the object. But in command, it can easily smash the egg, at least as what the video demo showed.

Precise motion

Probably the most amazing feature of the robot is its precise motion feature. As shown in the video, the robot, on command, could easily insert a tiny thread into a needle hole.

Human Interaction

Unlike earlier robots, where human interaction has been a bit of a challenge, this robot can interact safely with a human. As shown in the video demo, the robot interacts and plays with a child almost naturally and smoothly.

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