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New Dendroid Malware for Android Providing Complete Control over the Smartphone

New Dendroid Malware for Android Providing Complete Control over the Smartphone


New Dendroid Malware for Android Providing Complete Control over the Smartphone

Since the leaks by CIA’s whistle blower Edward Snowden, mobile phone users are really demanding something that can ensure their security. A recent development has even increase the need of secure network of communication, especially in Android, which is the main target of hackers these days. The remote monitoring on Google’s Android comes up with a novel malware. Hiding along the darkest corner of the internet, this spy app claims to control the devices of those who use infected apps that effectively turn the Android smartphone into a kind of spyware Zombie.

The spy tool that has recently come to the arsenal of hacking has the name ‘Dendroid’ and is being sold in hidden way for the cost of just $300. The tool like that might go unnoticed by the people, but Dendroid is markedly different from other apps due to the fact that it provides an unlimited range for a relatively small amount of money that an individual has to pay.

It also provides the capability to hide among the legitimate apps available on the Play Store without being detected by the malware scanning abilities of the Google.

The spy on the user begins as he installs an infected app on his Android phone. Once it is installed, the control of phone of the user goes to the individual that initiated the installation by the user. The control of hardware also goes to the hacker who can now listen to you by turning off the microphone or even see you with the camera.

Plenty of research has been carried out to find out the methods to fool the Google bouncer that catches the malware. Dendroid uses the similar methods successfully.

The introduction and the availability of such as remote control device goes to show you that Android is not a safe operating system by any stress of imaginations. The people, who are quite sensitive about malware activity on their phones, might become conscious about installation of infected apps.

It seems as if the market of such kind of tool is so much profitable that many researchers are focusing on avoiding such malwares.

The security researchers have introduced software with the abbreviated name of ‘RAT’. Android is responsible for 92% of the malware found on all mobile platforms. This figure was just 47% two years ago. The question arises of the security measures of the Google on its operating system.

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