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‘Captain Marvel’ Movie News: Brie Larson Is Carol Danvers

‘Captain Marvel’ Movie News: Brie Larson Is Carol Danvers
Brie Larson from Room / Facebook


‘Captain Marvel’ Movie News: Brie Larson Is Carol Danvers

“Captain Marvel,” after so many postponements regarding release dates, has now a possible cast for the main superhero — Brie Larson!

The standalone film for one of the comic books most popular female superheroes is already set for March 8, 2019. Moreover, Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson is rumored to be the first choice for the role of Carol Danvers the true identity of the titular superhero.

According to Variety, Brie Larson, who won an Oscar for her role in Room, has shown interest in playing the superheroine. Although the status of the negotiations is currently unknown it has been revealed that the actress in the first choice to play Danvers.

Although there is currently no director, Marvel has already decided to have an actress ready for the role. Introducing the female lead before “Captain Marvel” goes into production seems to be the current plan of the studio.

After so many setbacks, the script for the film will be written by Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve who had previously made her mark on Disney’s Inside Out. The film tells the story of Air Force pilot Carol Danvers whose DNA fused with that of an alien. The resulting merger caused her to gain superpowers that include super strength, energy projection, and flight.

The character has been the eye candy of many feminists early in her publication as she portrays an independent woman and a champion for workplace equality in her civilian identity. Whether Marvel will include this in the film to cater to a wider audience is still unclear.

Larson has starred in both big-budget and prestige films such as Room, which earned her an Academy Award, and “The Glass Castle” which is currently in production. Whether Brie Larson will make a great comic book superhero or not is still up for questioning up until ‘Captain Marvel’ is released in theaters on 2019.

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