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New Bubble Wrap By Sealed Air Will Not Pop

New Bubble Wrap By Sealed Air Will Not Pop
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New Bubble Wrap By Sealed Air Will Not Pop

The next bubble wrap you get with your package may not pop anymore. Sealed Air Corporation, makers of the iconic bubble wrap, has decided to come up with a version that no longer pops, as reported by The Telegraph. The goal behind the creation of the new kind of protective cushion wraps is actually to be more cost effective. To separate it from the original version, it will be called the iBubble Wrap. It might sound quite modern, but a lot of loyal bubble wrap fans are not into its new non-popping feature.

The new iBubble will reportedly be taking up only one-50th of the space the original bubble wrap usually takes. The key is actually in how the new version of protective cushion wraps will be delivered to its customers. This time, the iBubble wrap will reportedly be delivered in flat sheets and customers (retailers and manufacturing companies mostly) will simply use a pump to inflate the iBubble to their desired amount.

As Sealed Air Corporation explains in its Facebook page, “E-commerce has changed the way packages are shipped, and the new addition to our Bubble Wrap family is one of our many solutions for e-commerce packaging.”

According to a report in Bustle, the new bubble wrap will actually not be relying on actual bubbles to safeguard an item. Instead, it will be utilizing columns of air that will puff up the protective cushion wraps. This is also the reason why they will no longer pop as pressing on one air column will just lead the air to shift to an adjacent column.

For Sealed Air Corporation, this kind of bubble wrap actually allows them to transport more of the said product in one delivery. As Wall Street Journal Reports, a single truck truck can carry 47 time more flat sheets of iBubble than the traditional bubble wrap in one trip. That means, less trucks going on the road to deliver their product, which also translates to less environmental cost.

For their customers, however, ordering some iBubble wrap will also mean accruing some initial cost as they would also have to pay for a specialized pump that will be used to inflate the new cushion wrap. As of the moment, the price of said pump is at $5,500 per unit. Meanwhile, Sealed Air hopes that the price of the pump will go down to $1,000 by 2017.

Not to worry though, the traditional bubble wrap is actually here to stay. In a tweet, Sealed Air Corporation stated that they will absolutely continue manufacturing everyone’s beloved original bubble wrap. And in fact, the new iBubble wrap is just their way of “adding to the family.”

After all, Sealed Air understands how important their original bubble wrap is to many people in ways they could have never imagined in the beginning. In fact, a study Sealed Air conducted for their BubbleWrap Appreciation Day back in 2012 found that “77 percent of Americans are more stressed or as stressed today than they were one year ago.” Interestingly, Sealed Air also concluded, “Recent Bubble Wrap® poppers are less likely to be stressed out by unpredictable events when traveling, such as missing a flight (52% vs. 59%) or a hotel losing their reservation (39% vs. 43%).”

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