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New Bill demands Smartphones having “Kill Switch” in case of theft

New Bill demands Smartphones having “Kill Switch” in case of theft


New Bill demands Smartphones having “Kill Switch” in case of theft

The legislator of California State introduced SB 962, a bill that requires Smartphones being sold in the state to have “Kill Switch” built into them to render the mobile ineffective if it is not possessed by the actual owner. This step would render the theft things useless for others other than the rightful owner.

California is by far the largest state of the US and the rules passed in this state are always replicated to the whole country in general. The history shows that the non-ubiquitous publication of the privacy policies on websites is initiated by the California state law. The state has also imposed some laws related to auto emissions.

With the approval of the legislation, the phones will be manufactured with built in Kill Switch to disable the phone. However, the users will be provided with the option to disable the presence of any Kill Switch. The rules are passed in the favor of mobile withstanding the hard reset that restore the settings on mobile as it was released from the factory.

Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), State Sen. Introduced the bill this morning by raising his aim that he wants to reduce the case of smartphones theft. He revealed the surprising statistics of law enforcement of Leno cities that more than 50% of all theft things involved smartphones.  The statistics also show that the robberies of smartphones were 12% in Los Angeles in 2012 as well as 113 Smartphones are stolen or snatched every minute worldwide.

Leno, while introducing the bill, disclosed his aims that smartphone companies must take initiatives in pursuing the battle against the thieves. This legislature will protect the rights of the owner of the smartphone by disabling all the features of the smartphone once it is held by some unauthorized person.

The bill presented by Leno includes the figure of stolen and lost phones to be around $30 billion in 2012. It also carries sold $7.8 billion worth related to the insurance products of 2013.

The wireless industry trade groups have completely opposed the legislation passed by Leno.  The Leno and its allies are hoping that this bill will play a great role in the state as compared to the previous bills in the state. The legislation will require the industry to stop finding the solution of theft for Smartphones now. They will have to embrace the reality as soon as possible.

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