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New Apple Watch Kardia Wrist Strap Enables Heart Monitoring

New Apple Watch Kardia Wrist Strap Enables Heart Monitoring
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New Apple Watch Kardia Wrist Strap Enables Heart Monitoring

AliveCor has introduced an ECG accessory for your iPhone, an Apple watch wrist strap called the Kardia Band. It is capable of recording your heart rate using an integrated sensor, which is unlike most other current smart-wearables. It comes with a heart rate monitor and uses LED to track your heart rate.

Popular for building heart-monitoring sensors for smartphones, AliveCor recently came up with the idea of building a sensor in the Apple Watch that goes beyond a health app and forays into genuine medical technology. It can detect irregular heartbeats and send the report directly to doctors.

Tapping on the ECG sensor shows a reading that allows users to interpret the results by observing symptoms and relevant information. In a report published by Re/code, the sensor built-in to the watch is meant to detect arterial fibrillations, which is defined as a type of arrhythmia that increase chances of heart stroke, heart failure and chest pain in patients.

Reports further reveal that AliveCor recently approached the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for seeking medical device clearance for the Kardia Band. It further claims that each Kardia Band, having approval from the Food and Drug Administration, will be released in the market at a time when other medical devices got regulatory blockades from the agency.

So, how does the Kardia Band work? It communicates with the Kardia app that reads data through an analysis algorithm to find the presence of atrial fibrillation. The best part is that the Kardia app will notify you whether you have a normal heart rate or abnormal heartbeats.

The notification is accompanied with voice notes that talk about the heart rate reading. The voice memo, will therefore let doctors understand if an elevated heart rate results from a simple coffee binge or something more alarming, reports CNET.

The CEO of AliveCor, Vic Gundotra, said  that the Kardia band is the “introduction of the Wearable MedTech category” and “future of proactive heart health.”

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