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New Apple Product May Be A ‘Google Glass’

New Apple Product May Be A ‘Google Glass’
Image from Ted Eytan


New Apple Product May Be A ‘Google Glass’

Image from Flickr by Ted Eytan

Image from Ted Eytan

Apple is secretly exploring augmented reality technology with a small team of experts brainstorming the project, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said, citing people familiar with the event. The news comes as scientist Astro Teller admitted that Google has failed with the Google Glass in terms of the Google Glass Explorer program.

Augmented Reality

In an investors note released by Munster on March 18, he said he was able to speak with people who knew Apple is looking into developing a wearable device that employs augmented reality. With the information at hand, Munster believed any device that will be developed “has the potential to be as profound a technology platform as the smartphone today.”

“We believe that wearables are meant to be worn and seen, thus they need to be fashionable or desirable to wear. Augmented reality will require some type of technology that projects images in the user’s eyesight,” Munster wrote.

He said Apple will come up with a wearable device as stylish just as how the company designed the Apple Watch. He believed in Apple’s capacity to develop a product consumers will truly desire.

“We believe that Apple has the unique ability to combine the technology of augmented reality with attractive fashion/design that users will actually want to wear. We believe the company’s growing abilities in fashion and design could help the company develop other wearable products longer-term, particularly augmented reality focused devices,” Munster said.

However, the actual device could still be far into the future, Munster said.

The best example of a wearable that employed the augmented reality is the Google Glass.


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The Failed Google Glass

The release of Google Glass resulted in lots of disappointed users. One of them is Jeff Jarvis, an ultimate Google Glass fanatic until he bought one for himself. He described the glass as a horrid waste of money, an expensive nightmare, awkward, not useful and expensive frames ridiculously horribly-designed.

On March 17, Teller had finally spoken about one bad decision that Google made in terms of Google Glass – launching it at its prototype stage.


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“The bad decision was that we allowed and sometimes even encouraged too much attention for the program. The device was being judged and evaluated in a very different context than we intended — Glass was being held to standards that launched consumer products are held to, but the Explorer edition of Glass was really just an early prototype,” Teller said via The Medium.

“While we were hoping to learn more about how to make it better, people just wanted the product to be better straight away — and that led to some understandably disappointed Explorers.”

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