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New App ‘Homer’ Lets iOS Users Check Out Others’ Home Screens

New App ‘Homer’ Lets iOS Users Check Out Others’ Home Screens


New App ‘Homer’ Lets iOS Users Check Out Others’ Home Screens

New App ‘Homer’ Lets iOS Users Check Out Others’ Home ScreensWe are naturally curious about the interest of other people. Have you ever wondered what your friends have as apps in their iOS devices? How about checking out the apps used by your favorite athletes?

Max Levchin has launched a new app called ‘Homer.’ The idea behind it is that it would provide a glimpse or an idea about that is on others’ iOS home screens. Those users just have to capture a screenshot of their screens for the app to do its work.

This new app would be useful for those who are always on the lookout for something new and useful in the mobile world. Thus, it would enable you to find out the apps used by your favorite sports stars or those used by your most organized and trending friends.

Usefulness of the app

Homer can be useful in a way that you don’t need to spend more time and effort finding apps that would suit you. You can get ideas and suggestions by taking a look at what others are using or have downloaded into their devices.

But wait, there’s more. This app is more than just sharing screenshots of iOS devices and their home screens to others. Whenever a screenshot is taken, Homer analyzes all the icons used by installed apps.

It can create its very own listing of what apps are in your device. As a user, you can freely edit the file in case you prefer to make some apps secret from others. You can still keep your secrets.

Valuing privacy

Ironically, Homer insists that it values privacy of people. That is why it said that it is not publicizing software that users use without their actual and full consent to sharing. The app also controls visibility of apps as well as public profiles.

Homer also enables users to make corrections. If the report or listing turns out to have mistakes, you can simply notify the app about the error. To find the right apps, you can simply go to Apple Inc’s App Store and find and choose the icon corresponding to the software. Homer is also working on its Android version, which may be launched soon.  

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