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Nevada Issues Statement Of Emergency After Marijuana Shortage

Nevada Issues Statement Of Emergency After Marijuana Shortage
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Nevada Issues Statement Of Emergency After Marijuana Shortage

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has issued a statement of emergency as marijuana supplies dwindle in the area. Legal distributors are low on its stock and it’s not an easy product to restock in the area. However, the full fault in the issue doesn’t lie solely on the suppliers.

The Independent reports that the Governor of Nevada issued the statement as its local dispensaries are running out of stock. Legal marijuana use in Nevada can be bought for recreational use and also for its medical applications. Additionally, the product can be easily sold to citizens aged 21 and up.

To fix the issue, the Nevada government’s statement of emergency proposes emergency regulations to hasten licenses to get legal cannabis. Even though weed is legal in Nevada, only alcohol distributors have exclusive rights to transport weed to retailers. However, no applications have been approved yet, which prevents any store from fixing the shortage. This new regulation could be pushed out as early as today, July 13.

Even though the situation looks bad, Forbes’ report said that “state” and “statement” of emergencies are different from each other. Nevada isn’t in heavy danger because it ran short of marijuana, but the government is driven to normalize its supply. Additionally, the fault doesn’t lie solely on the distributors as the government made a sudden regulation change that no distributor could prepare for. Legal marijuana can only be legally obtained through liquor industry distributors that they don’t have trade licenses with yet. Due to the new ruling, many distributors didn’t get to resupply themselves with cannabis.

In the start of July, marijuana sales skyrocketed to at least three million to five million sales in the month’s first weekend and are nearing its target of $30 million sales for the next six months. The marijuana dispensaries didn’t see these high sales coming. Consumers will have to wait for the dispensaries to get resupplied before they can get the products again.

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