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Netflix streaming scale keeps falling for Verizon

Netflix streaming scale keeps falling for Verizon


Netflix streaming scale keeps falling for Verizon

Netflix has been complaining for months that Verizon is deliberately dropping down streaming speed for Netflix. Company has made the point that Verizon has reduced bandwidth for Netflix users just to seek revenge. What revenge Netflix is taking about? Let’s peep into some history of this issue.

The issue started when FCC filed a lawsuit against Verizon in the court over net neutrality which means that ISP can’t charge extra couple of bucks for online streaming services i.e. every service on internet is equal. Verizon found it offensive (as per Netflix claims) and started bandwidth throttling for Netflix users. Netflix started complaining issues since FCC filed suit against Verizon. Net neutrality rules were just thrown away by judges leaving behind inequality between websites. Netflix started publishing online videos which seemed more like complaining videos talking about the verge of stabbing them with bandwidth limitations.

Netflix directly blamed Verizon for their act of bandwidth throttling. Earlier this month, David Raphael wrote a post about bandwidth issues faced by Netflix (in the sequel of FCC lawsuit against Verizon). David mentioned his conversation with Verizon support while complaining about not-ignorable glitches in surfing Netflix. Verizon’s support’s reply was pretty amusing and was suspicious enough that it actually supported the fact Netflix was complaining about. As they say “Congestion, on road and on networks, is not a good thing”, limiting bandwidth has put Verizon users in agony of living in dial-up internet age.

Video, which is viral all over the internet with Netflix’s complaining about Verizon, depicts different facts that prove Verizon’s accused bandwidth throttle. (Picture)

Graph (published in a video by Netflix itself) elaborates speed testing over Verizon network for past few months. Graph tells us that streaming speed in month of May 2013 was about 2.1MBps which kept on increasing till November 2013 after which, apparently Verizon started bandwidth throttle and speed kept on falling month after month and by this month (February 2014) streaming speed has been reduced to 1.8MBps.

Even if that’s a services lapse, as Verizon claims, Verizon really have to take care about that soon). Netflix has shared a graph rating different networks according to their streaming speeds for Netflix. Graph says Verizon FiOS has been moved to number 7 after recent drop and Verizon’s DSL has been dropped to number 17 after their respective recent speed drop.

Netflix and Verizon will have to sort out streaming issues soon, or else they will end up losing some users who want to enjoy both services at-a-time.

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