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Nespresso Prodigio: The Smart Espresso Maker

Nespresso Prodigio: The Smart Espresso Maker
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Nespresso Prodigio: The Smart Espresso Maker

Fancy a cup of coffee? Well here’s one product you might want to invest in. The Bluetooth connected coffee machine that works magic for caffeine lovers. The machine is the Nespresso Prodigio which was quietly launched by the luxury coffee and espresso machine company. It can brew the user delicious coffee conveniently without even having the user leave his current position in the chair or sofa.

The latest Bluetooth connected product is a coffee brewing machine that connects to a user’s smartphone or tablet thru the use of Bluetooth technology. It will work well with a companion app, which was released last Feb. 24. It will be compatible with iPhone 4S and newer models, iPad 3rd generation and latest units, plus selected Android devices.

According to the Sur La Table product page, the machine has a smart device connectivity feature that allow the user to brew, schedule a brewing time for their coffee plus receive alerts or manage their coffee capsule stock; All these tasks done from the convenience of the user’s own smartphone or tablet.

Consumers can utilize the use of the advanced coffee machine thru their own devices connected via Bluetooth connectivity. So how exactly does this machine work? A user can just insert a coffee pod into the said machine then activate the espresso maker to have their drink ready within 25 seconds via the app.

The accompaniment app gives the user full control on making their coffee. They can choose how strong the drink is and is given three options which are ristretto, lungo, and regular. If it happens to have no connectivity, the user can still make use of the buttons that are built into the machine where they can select from three sizes, reports Digital Trends.

Nespresso Prodigio also boasts of an eco-friendly feature wherein it can turn itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity. The Nespresso app will be able to notify the machine owner if it is already time to descale the single cup brewer using the company’s descaling cleanser.

Currently, Prodigio works only with Nespresso’s premium coffee capsules; sixteen capsules come with each brewer. The coffee machine maker claims that they are designed to lock in freshness. Each used capsule is automatically discarded by the machine and is moved into a built-in container. With the accompanying app, the user can keep track of their stock and can reorder more capsules via the app.

The latest coffee maker from Nespresso comes after a controversy in Germany broke out regarding environmental concerns. The Verge said that coffee pod machines were banned in Hamburg, Germany particularly on government associated buildings as part of an effort to promote eco-friendly living. The latest Nespresso machine is for sale at $249 USD at Sur La Table.

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