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Prince Harry Nervous Testing For HIV On Facebook Live, Hiding Something?

Prince Harry Nervous Testing For HIV On Facebook Live, Hiding Something?
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Prince Harry Nervous Testing For HIV On Facebook Live, Hiding Something?

Why was Prince Harry “nervous” when he was tested for HIV on Facebook Live? Is there something to be scared about?

With the growing number of HIV cases around the world, it surely is a scary thing, and not just for ordinary citizens.

Was the 31-year-old royal thinking of something else while his blood was being extracted?

On Thursday, the younger brother of Prince William was on live broadcast while inside the Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic in London, The Washington Post reported.

As he sat down beside adviser and counselor Robert Palmer, Prince Harry admitted that he was nervous.

He declared that it was “completely normal” that “being the person I am and the people I end up being around, and I’m still nervous — which is interesting.”

As the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana shared his feeling then, Palmer responded by telling him that it was not surprising since he is about to discover something about himself.

When the test was done, it brought a non-reactive or negative result to which Prince Harry pointed out that “it’s better for everyone to get tested,” and stop citing a certain population who should undergo HIV/AIDS testing.

It can be recalled that the late Princess Diana was a staunch advocate of initiatives that were aimed at helping the HIV/AIDS victims. She even broke down the stigma surrounding the disease as she was seen hugging the patients.

To continue her legacy, Prince Harry launched the HIV-awareness campaign called “Feel No Shame” last month.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that the Kensington Palace took to Twitter to provide a rationale behind the HIV testing’s live broadcast.

“Prince Harry believes his generation needs to take leadership in the fight against HIV, or risk losing the gains of those who’ve come before,” the post read.

By next week, Prince Harry is set to fly to Durban, South Africa to attend the 21st International AIDS Conference that will run from July 18-22.

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