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Why You Need to Wait for the MacBook Pro 2016 Release

Why You Need to Wait for the MacBook Pro 2016 Release


Why You Need to Wait for the MacBook Pro 2016 Release

Apple is expected to release a refreshed version of its MacBook Pro series this June. According to reports, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to come with a new stellar design, updated chipset, more ports and performance features. Will it be a killer release?

Several reports in the past already established that Apple could release three new MacBook models this year. The iterations are as follows: 12 inches, 13 inches and 15 inches. 

In a previous report from Digitimes, Apple was believed to be working on ultra-thin 13 and 15-inch MacBook units. The ultra-thin notebooks is in tune for Apple’s goals to catch up with the trend. As the report noted: 

“Apple shipped 20.38 million Mac products in 2015, growing slightly by 4.08% on year and with Apple’s new ultra-thin MacBooks, the sources expect the US vendor to continue enjoying growth in 2016 despite weakening demand for notebooks.” Furthermore, people should expect thinner models than the MacBook Air but similar design approach to the 12-inch MacBook. 

Report from Yibada Times also says that since leading manufacturers like HP, Microsoft and Dell have all upgraded to Intel’s Skylake then it is most likely that Apple will do the same. Skylake promises improvements on performance including better efficiency.

Skylake is considered faster compared other processors on the market today. Furthermore, it can help optimize battery use and prolong laptop life. Other features that Apple will likely incorporate in the upcoming models include USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. There should also be support for external graphics and more storage options. However, as with all other Apple releases, all information should be take with a grain of salt. Apple has yet to dole out the final details of the said units. There could still be changes in the features and announcements. Consumers are advised to stay tuned.

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