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Why You Need to Wait for Android N

Why You Need to Wait for Android N
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Why You Need to Wait for Android N

Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow update has not reached all intended devices, but the company is already reportedly working on a new Android update. According to reports, the Android N will be revealed during the I/O conference, promising big changes to the UI.

People are now focusing on the upcoming Android N, even if the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is barely out of the picture. According to reports, Google is trying to introduce new UI changes to the update promising a more uniformed experience. The biggest hint that came out so far is the Google Maps video posted on Twitter:

Multiple reports claimed that Google is ready to drop the app folder. Android always came with an App Tray and removing it would mean the company has something store instead. Several Android manufacturers also came out recently with devices that don’t have the app folder or an option to remove it.

An exclusive from Android Police also says that the new Android version will come with redesigned system settings.  The changes will include a do not disturb status at the top. People may also be able to switch modes easily from the drop down. There is no more divider in between the individual items. Instead, a new divider is in place per section. This goes in line with the unified look the notifications part is going for. More importantly, Google also worked out that many of the settings can show setting status in the top-level list.

Users are also in for a hamburger menu that will allow them to go from area to another of the settings, given the person is a level deep. One report from China (via Know Your Mobile) also said that OEMs are preparing for 3D Touch support on their devices which could mean that Android will be offering it soon. Google has not confirmed all details so information must be taken with a grain of salt.

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