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NCIS Season Finale: Fans Speculate Whether Tony DiNozzo Will Be Killed Off

NCIS Season Finale: Fans Speculate Whether Tony DiNozzo Will Be Killed Off
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NCIS Season Finale: Fans Speculate Whether Tony DiNozzo Will Be Killed Off

There are only two episodes left for hit television series “NCIS” during its 13th season, and when it finally ends, the show will say goodbye to special agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo.

Since DiNozzo is exiting the show for good, fans are worried that the favorite senior agent in Jethro Gibbs’ team will be killed off. After all, the show had done this previously, when actress Sasha Alexander decided to leave the show. To craft her exit, the show had decided to have her character, Agent Caitlin Todd, assassinated.

It seems fans can breathe a easier this time, though. It looks like NCIS has no plans to kill off the much-beloved DiNozzo. In fact, “NCIS” showrunner Gary Glasberg told The Hollywood Reporter, “He (DiNozzo) plays a tremendous part in this last episode so to necessarily think that I’m killing him off may not be the case.” Moreover, he hinted, “I’m not in it for the shock value.”

While he won’t exactly give away the ending, what Glasberg will admit more was that DiNozzo’s former partner and love interest Ziva David will be a factor in the agent’s decision to leave for good. Glasberg explained, “The relationship that Tony has with Ziva absolutely has an impact on his reason to depart at the end of the season. Ziva is a huge part of who Tony is and at the at the end of the day, that comes into play.”

Another thing fans should watch out for is the introduction of two new characters for the show in the upcoming final two episodes. “24” actress Sarah Clarke is set to guest star as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe, while actor Duane Henry will be joining them as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, according to a report from Cinema Blend.

The next episode will see the team on the hunt for former MI6 agent Jacob Scott after he critically injured FBI Agent Tobias Fornell and killed both former MI6 chief Jessica Terdei and former NCIS director Tom Morrow. A preview of the episode reveals that Gibbs will be questioning a suspect looking for former agent David.

“NCIS” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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