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NCIS Season 14 Plot, Cast & Rumors: Fans Speculate The Return Of Cote de Pablo

NCIS Season 14 Plot, Cast & Rumors: Fans Speculate The Return Of Cote de Pablo
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NCIS Season 14 Plot, Cast & Rumors: Fans Speculate The Return Of Cote de Pablo

Tuesday’s episode of “NCIS” supposedly gave fans some unexpected closure and resolution with regards to the fate of beloved character, former agent Ziva David, and her intimate relationship with newly retired “very” special agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo.

New reports, however, are indicating that Ziva is still very much alive. And if so, does that mean actress Cote de Pablo, who portrays Ziva, will be joining the “NCIS” cast during season 14?

There is no doubt that “Tiva” fans (that’s short for Tony + Ziva) are more than willing to hope against hope that the favorite Israeli agent is still alive and, somehow, will find her way back to D.C. to be reunited with Tony and their cute little girl, Tali. When the episode “Family First” ended, however, it seemed clear that Ziva was gone, and Tony is left to raise Tali as a single father.

In fact, this is exactly what prompted the veteran agent to turn in his badge for good so he would no longer be a father who puts himself in the line of fire daily. As for his immediate plans, Tony also told his boss and mentor, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, that he’s looking to take Tali back to Israel to get some answers. Afterwards, it’s off to Paris for the father and daughter because, simply, “Ziva loves Paris.”

That line and one other line Tony’s Michael Weatherly said in the scene is currently the cause of much speculation. Fans are wondering why exactly Tony said, “You ‘gotta believe what you ‘gotta believe.”

When “NCIS” showrunner Gary Glasberg was asked if this is a clue that Ziva is still alive, TV Line reports that he cryptically said, “Again, we put tremendous time into choosing some of the dialogue Tony says. I would say to stick with, ‘You gotta believe what you gotta believe!'” Another reason to hope is that it seems Ziva’s body has not been found in the farmhouse rubble.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Deadline, Glasberg revealed that Tony is simply “in love with his little girl.” He also stands by the decision of his team, which would be the only plot that “would drive Tony DiNozzo away from his NCIS family” in the wake of Weatherly’s decision to leave the show.

Asked if Weatherly or de Pablo will be appearing in the show again from season 14 onwards, Glasberg explained, “NCIS is a show and a franchise that’s known historically for leaving lots of things unanswered and leaving all doors opens. We revisit all kinds of things in all kinds of ways.”

“NCIS” is already renewed for season 14.

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