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NCIS Season 13 Spoilers: Watch Tony DiNozzo’s Big Goodbye, Father Comes Back!

NCIS Season 13 Spoilers: Watch Tony DiNozzo’s Big Goodbye, Father Comes Back!
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NCIS Season 13 Spoilers: Watch Tony DiNozzo’s Big Goodbye, Father Comes Back!

Queue the tears. NCIS (very) special agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo is almost ready to leave the team for good, and CBS has released a trailer showing some of his best moments over the years, as well as his final scenes with some of the show’s key cast members.

Actor Michael Weatherly is leaving the most-watched show on television after playing the role of Agent DiNozzo for 13 seasons. He made the audience laugh with his antics and jokes. And he also caused many to shed tears when he set off to Israel to try to bring back his partner, Agent Ziva David. Now, it’s his turn to say goodbye, and NCIS is determined to give the agent a special sendoff. In fact, Parade reports that Robert Wagner will reprise his role as Tony’s father one more time during the final episode.

To do this, NCIS needed four episodes that involves a case that would severely challenge NCIS or any other agency in the world. The second of these episodes, “Homefront,” aired recently. Here, the manhunt for former MI6 agent has taken a deadlier turn, with Homeland Chief and former NCIS Director and former MI6 Chief Jessica Terdei getting assassinated.

The next episode is entitled “Love Letter,” and according to Hollywood Hills, the official episode summary says, “The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, is going to continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who has left one colleague fighting for their life in ICU.”

At the same time, the episode will introduce guest stars Sarah Clarke as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe and Duane Henry as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves. According to the trailer preview, it seems that someone is looking for former agent David, and it has made both Gibbs and DiNozzo concerned.

What we don’t need to worry about, however, is DiNozzo getting killed off. In fact, one of his final scenes released by CBS involves him in Gibbs’ basement.

“I’d say thank you, but it doesn’t quite cover it Boss,” Tony says. To which Gibbs replies, “Take care of yourself.”

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