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NCIS Season 13 Finale: Fans Speculate On Whether Cote de Pablo, Ziva, Alive Or Dead

NCIS Season 13 Finale: Fans Speculate On Whether Cote de Pablo, Ziva, Alive Or Dead
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NCIS Season 13 Finale: Fans Speculate On Whether Cote de Pablo, Ziva, Alive Or Dead

NCIS’s season 13 finale aka. Michael Weatherly’s last episode is not airing until Tuesday. Until then, one question will remain in everyone’s minds. Is Ziva really dead?

The show’s last episode “Dead Letter” eventually turned the hunt for former MI6 agent Jacob Scott into a hunt for Ziva. It turned out that Scott did not want to kill the former special agent.

Instead, he needs her because only she could prove his innocence in the killings of Homeland director (and former NCIS director) Tom Morrow, former MI6 chief Jessica Terdei and former NCIS agent. She had supposedly inherited some files from her father, the late Mossad director Eli David, that would prove that Scott was simply being framed for the murders. Eventually, NCIS was able to prove that the person they should be really going after is CIA agent Trent Kort.

Fired from his job recently, Kort had gone on a killing spree to tie up loose ends. Now, Kort has realized that among those loose ends is Ziva, and it seemed he had managed to evade NCIS and fly to Israel before anyone could stop him. At the end of the episode, Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo stares at the television screen in shock as he confirms that the burning farmhouse in Israel hit by a supposed terrorist attack is the one “where Ziva’s supposed to be staying.”

Polls have since come out, asking fans of the show if they think the former special agent and former Mossad assassin is really dead. According to one done by Buddy TV, 94 percent of the 1,338 people who voted said that they don’t believe Ziva is dead. Truly, everyone is hoping that Ziva wasn’t in the farmhouse when it went up in flames.

Meanwhile, Weatherly is also keeping mum on Ziva’s fate, but he assures that “NCIS” fans will love the finale. During a press call, he told E! News, “I’m sure certain people out of the however many tens of millions of people who watch the show around the world—certainly there will be some different points of view but I think if people share my feelings about it then it’s going to be overwhelmingly positive.”

Perhaps, positive means Ziva’s not dead, and that Tony will find her.

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