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NCIS Recap: Morrow’s Dead, Deadly Manhunt Continues

NCIS Recap: Morrow’s Dead, Deadly Manhunt Continues
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NCIS Recap: Morrow’s Dead, Deadly Manhunt Continues

Last time, NCIS Special Agent Gibbs along with FBI Agent Fornell rushed to Tom Morrow’s house after learning that the former NCIS director is part of a hit list. When the agents rushed to Morrow’s house, though, they found him dead in his study with a single bullet wound to the back of the head.

The whole rouse started when former MI6 agent Jacob Scott re-emerged. He was taken into custody by NCIS in the past. Now out of hiding, he decided to take the NCIS director hostage to secure an unclassified piece of intelligence. It lists the agents involved in an operation called Juniper Strike. Among the casualties of the operation was Scott’s wife, a Russian agent named Nika Razin. Evidently, Scott is now out for blood, and he’s crossing off people involved in his wife’s death, starting with Morrow.

The follow-up episode involves a marine’s son hiding in a closet with a gun. Two police officers find him and urge him to put down his weapon. He does so with the ominous words, “I had to do it.” Meanwhile, NCIS sends special agent Tony Dinozzo on a supposed “secret mission” to track down Jacob Scott. After Morrow’s death, agencies launch a manhunt to find him.

Meanwhile, NCIS gets involved in a case involving Henry, the marine’s son who fired a gun at a perp during an attempted home invasion in his home. On the other hand, Dinozzo’s investigation leads him to Russia, while NCIS Director Leon Vance takes it upon himself to fly to London to talk to MI6 Chief Jessica Terdei.

NCIS finds that the intruder is Mickey Doyle, “an ex con and violent offender.” Turns out, Henry had seen Doyle stab a man to death a few days ago. The NCIS team finds out that when Henry’s family moved from California to D.C., his mom is no longer able to practice law until she passes the bar due to state lines. To help her, the team enlists the help of Joining Forces Initiative.

“We know the sacrifices that our military families our making and it doesn’t go unnoticed, nor do the sacrifices of our veterans,” says First Lady Michelle Obama, following what appears to be a Joining Forces Initiative roundtable. The team gave Henry’s mom a home and brought his dad back from deployment. Doyle had earlier been found dead, and the police officer who tipped Doyle off about Henry had been arrested.

Meanwhile, after Director Vance, Fornell, Terdei and Terdei’s father get shot up in London, Fornell and Terdei return stateside to Gibbs’ house, where they are caught somewhat off guard. The MI6 head is shot dead, as Fornell lies bleeding with gunshot wounds. Turns out, NCIS has a mole. Scott continues to be on the loose.

“NCIS” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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