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‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 3: Sebastian Kidnapped, Meredith Brody Coming Back – Report

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 3: Sebastian Kidnapped, Meredith Brody Coming Back – Report
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‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 3: Sebastian Kidnapped, Meredith Brody Coming Back – Report

“NCIS: New Orleans” season 3 continues to heat up as the upcoming episode 4 trailer teases fans on a danger looming for Sebastian. Will Meredith Brody come back to help her team?

The rest of team, whose work is to find missing people, will be faced with another challenge as one of their members will be held capture.

The upcoming episode of “NCIS New Orleans” season 3 entitled “Escape Plan” will focus on Sebastian who will be kidnapped in a restaurant while he was with his mother.

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The trailer for “Escape Plan” showed how Sebastian tries to break free with the help of his knowledge on video games.

But Sebastian’s strategies that he acquired in playing video games can help him after all? Will he escape from the prison or will Pride go get him before something bad happens to him?

The speculation of Meredith Brody’s comeback may also be raised. It can be recalled that Meredith Brody, played by Zoe McLellan, left Pride after her boyfriend Russo was discovered to be a traitor to the team.

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Will Meredith Brody return to help Pride?

Zoe McLellan’s character is not included in “NCIS: New Orleans” season 3 which means that she might not be coming back for the rest of the upcoming seasons.

Reports said that Zoe McLellan and the “NCIS New Orleans” management were not able to have a deal for the actress’ raise.

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FX News Call said the producers denied Zoe McLellan’s call to have her salary increased. The site also added that the actress wanted to spend time with her two-year-old son Sebastian.

NCIS: New Orleans” Season 3 airs every Tuesdays on CBS.

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