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‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Cast Pay Tribute To Miguel Ferrer, Granger Disappears

‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Cast Pay Tribute To Miguel Ferrer, Granger Disappears
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‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Cast Pay Tribute To Miguel Ferrer, Granger Disappears

After a brief break, the “NCIS: Los Angeles” cast has just returned for a new episode. The moment is bittersweet as everyone prepared to say goodbye to late actor Miguel Ferrer’s Owen Granger. Ferrer had passed away in January after he lost his battle to throat cancer. He was 61.

In a previous episode of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” Granger was taken into LAPD police custody after being framed for assault. As he was being taken to prison, however, Granger received two stabs in the back and was subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment. While in the hospital, Granger seemed to have managed to recover from the incident. However, one assassin had tried to kill him by attempting to inject something fatal into his IV. Luckily, Granger was conscious and managed to fend off his attacker. Following the incident, NCIS Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones came to check on Granger and secure the dead attacker’s phone to gain more clues about the mole that has been terrorizing NCIS for the past few episodes.

‘I’m afraid he’s gone,’ hospital told Hetty

In the recent episode, the team moves on from the mole problem as it deals with a new case involving elderly folks staying at a retirement home a rare gold U.S. coin that had been printed but never circulated. In the end, the team caught the bad guys as NCIS operations manager Hetty Lange decides to check on Granger at the hospital. Upon arrival, a member of the hospital staff told Hetty, “I’m afraid he’s gone.”

The woman proceeds to explain that it seems Granger had gone up, pulled out his IV and walked out of the hospital unseen. However, he did leave a note addressed to Hetty. “I’ve had enough of hospitals for one life and I have some unfinished business to take care of,” the note read. “I have no idea what you’re going to tell everyone, but I’m sure you’ll think of always do,” Granger’s note continued.

Ferrer’s song played in the background of the final scene

As this scene played, the song “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” could be heard from the background. As previously reported, the song featured was Ferrer’s own rendition of the Bob Dylan classic along with his band The Jenorators. Meanwhile, a title card was displayed on the end. Below Ferrer’s smiling face, the card read, “In loving memory of our friend, and colleague, whose strength and kindness will forever inspire us all.”

Aside from his role on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Ferrer was also known for his roles in “Twin Peaks,” “RoboCop,” and “Crossing Jordan.” He is also the cousin of actor George Clooney.

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