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‘NCIS: LA’ Season 7 Spoilers, Callen On A Secret Mission

‘NCIS: LA’ Season 7 Spoilers, Callen On A Secret Mission
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‘NCIS: LA’ Season 7 Spoilers, Callen On A Secret Mission

“NCIS: LA” season 7 is picking up where it ended last season. In the finale shown three months back, Hetty informed Callen that his father is dead. However, Callen learned that his father was alive and has definite ties with KGB.

This time, Callen is rogue while he goes on a secret project. He leaves his team members including Sam in the dark. The team will be tasked to locate Callen as Hetty demands his operation shut down.

“We discover that Callen has been doing his own investigation into something,” Shane Brennan tells TVLine. He also added, “He finds himself in a very difficult situation with Hetty and Sam (LL Cool J), because he’s not telling them what he’s got himself caught up in.”

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The season 7 of “NCIS: LA” will premiere on September 21. TVLine has revealed the first look of on Twitter on Wednesday. It was also revealed that Sam, Callen, Hetty and the whole team will be part of season 7.

What the creator has to say

The creator of the show, Shane Brennan, also stated, “It will be as bad as it’s ever been for him and Hetty, and certainly as bad as it’s ever been for him and Sam.”

Brennan also said that the show is going to reveal something in the middle of the season. The premiere itself will reveal Callen’s agenda but there is something the viewers shall look forward to.

There is more to the “NCIS: LA Season 7” spoilers. In Brennan’s words, “In the tradition of this show, we plant the seeds of something to come, and it has a fairly major impact halfway through the season, in a double-episode.”

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