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NCIS Finale Recap: Ziva & Tony Have A Daughter

NCIS Finale Recap: Ziva & Tony Have A Daughter
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NCIS Finale Recap: Ziva & Tony Have A Daughter

When we last saw the NCIS team, they had been way behind chasing after Trent Kort. It turns out that the former CIA agent-turned-mole was behind the recent string of killings and attempted assassinations (FBI Agent Fornell) all along and was simply trying to pin the murders on former MI6 agent Jacob Scott.

The problem is, they may have found out about Kort’s plans too late as they saw the farmhouse where Ziva is supposed to be staying blazing on live television.

The finale episode of “NCIS” opens with Tony DiNozzo revealing that he has spoken with Ziva David’s old friend Adam Eschel who now resides in Berlin. He hasn’t spoken with Ziva in over a year, but he is certain that Ziva was still staying in the old farmhouse that belonged to her late father, former Mossad director Eli David.

Hope seemed to be dwindling until the new coverage pointed out that there is an emerging report regarding a “possible survivor being pulled from the rubble,” although no identity was revealed. Tony immediately says, “If that’s Ziva, I ‘gotta go.” Gibbs agrees and the very efficient McGee reveals he’s already booked Tony’s flight to Tel Aviv. It leaves in four hours. His team rallies around him, insisting that he gets moving already.

Mossad confirms that Ziva’s been staying at the farmhouse. A call from Tel Aviv also later said the love of his Tony’s life is dead. Tony is beyond grief. Learning of Ziva’s death, he insists it’s “all hands on deck” when an agent dies and that means he’ll go after Kort himself. Through tearful eyes, he proclaimed, “I’ll breathe when Trent Kort is dead!”

Since Tony decides not to continue with his flight, he arrives in the office the next day. He gets into the squad room just in time to hear the team and Agents Monroe and Reeves confirming that an assassin was behind the hit on Ziva. Kort had never left the country.

Meanwhile, Mossad Director Orli Elbaz visits NCIS after Ziva’s death. Turns out her reason to fly over was very personal. She brought with her the only survivor pulled from the rubble in the farmhouse. It’s none other than Ziva’s daughter, Tali. It turns out Tony is the father.

In the end, the team finally catches up with Kort and they kill him when he tries to pull out his own gun. Tony decides to quit, telling Gibbs he will travel with Tali to Israel first before taking her to Paris because “Ziva loves Paris.”

Meanwhile, Fornell is on the road to recovery. And just as the team is about to debrief the MI6 director in MTAC, Gibbs appears and tells everyone, “Listen up, grab your gear.”

It’s safe to say that the new agents are here to stay. “NCIS” will return for season 14.

On a side note, here’s a little something from Michael Weatherly that might make you feel a little better after learning of Ziva’s death:

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