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‘NCIS’ Finale: Michael Weatherly Killed Off, Cote De Pablo Returning?

‘NCIS’ Finale: Michael Weatherly Killed Off, Cote De Pablo Returning?
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‘NCIS’ Finale: Michael Weatherly Killed Off, Cote De Pablo Returning?

With Michael Weatherly finally leaving “NCIS” on May 17, fans might have been asking how his character, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, will leave the show and if Cote de Pablo will be around during his last episode.

When pressed to comment about the final fate of the exiting cast member, and if he would be killed off, showrunner Gary Glasberg did not say so much about it, according to Fox News.

“I will say to you to expect Tony to be around for the whole final episode and enjoy the roller coaster ride that comes with it,” he told Fox411.

After his departure from the CBS TV series, Michael Weatherly will be seen in the starring role of another program of the network, the “Bull.”

When it comes to the clamor of many fans, to finally see Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David to return to “NCIS” season 13, Glasberg did not give a clear response as well.

“Ziva is a huge part of who Tony is,” he noted. “There’s no denying that.”

“As we look back at 13 seasons of television, is there an element that involves Ziva? Absolutely,” he added. “She’s a huge part of who he is moving forward.”

In the meantime, Glasberg told E! Online that the love interest of Tony DiNozzo “will be a factor in his exit.” However, he never confirmed if Cote de Pablo’s Ziva is indeed returning prior to his final bow from “NCIS.”

“Tony’s relationship with Ziva absolutely will have an impact on his reason to depart,” he shared with the entertainment site. “There’s no part of Tony DiNozzo that Ziva David isn’t a part of.”

He continued by saying that Cote de Pablo’s “NCIS’ character is “a huge aspect of who his character is so it would be unfair and wrong to write this episode, to produce this episode and not have her character be a part of it.”

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