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NCAA March Madness: Georgia State Wins Over Baylor University

NCAA March Madness: Georgia State Wins Over Baylor University
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NCAA March Madness: Georgia State Wins Over Baylor University

Georgia State has won over Baylor University with a score of 57,-56, on Thursday, March 19.

In a thrilling upset victory over the Baylor Bears, Georgia State Panthers’ R.J. Hunter scored an incredible game winning 3. NCAA March Madness 2015 has really begun.

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He had a mere 2 points to show off during halftime, but R.J. left the game with 12 points of the overall 13-0 comeback of his team against Baylor during the final quarter.

With only 2.5 seconds to go, he jumped a three and scored, securing their seats in the next round, knocking out the 3rd season seeder and his father from his chair in a surprising turn of events.

Ron Hunter suffered a tear in his Achilles tendon during a celebratory moment Sunday night, March 15, after his team won the Sun Belt Conference tournament.

March Madness Hunter

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He postponed surgery, never wanting to miss a moment with the 14th-seeded team. He was coaching Thursday night’s game in a swivel chair and when his son, R.J., hit that shot, he had nowhere else to land but on his behind.

It was a moment never to miss on NCAA this year.

Georgia State, a school with a student population of 32,000, endures only a rough $20 million budget, as New York Times reported.

“It’s one of those March Madness historic moments that everybody should be proud of. Everybody wants to be part of a winning team. America loves a winner. Fans who don’t know anything about Georgia State are rooting for us,” Marck Becker, university president, said in the same New York Times report.

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