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NBA Trade Rumors: Terrence Ross To Charlotte Hornets For Marco Belinelli, Cody Zeller

NBA Trade Rumors: Terrence Ross To Charlotte Hornets For Marco Belinelli, Cody Zeller
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NBA Trade Rumors: Terrence Ross To Charlotte Hornets For Marco Belinelli, Cody Zeller

Toronto Raptors shooting guard Terrence Ross is continuously being mentioned in NBA trade rumors. He has shown potential of becoming a good scorer in the league but has yet to find his niche in Toronto.

Fortunately for Ross, he is still playing in the NBA and has enough time left to prove himself. He is under contract with the Raptors until 2019. However, next season will be a pivotal time in Ross’ career as Raptor fans have already begun clamoring to get him traded.

For the time being, no team has publicly expressed interest in trading for Ross. That hasn’t stopped astute basketball observers from formulating their own trade scenarios for the former NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion.

Brian Boake of Raptors Rapture noted that the Charlotte Hornets would be a viable trade partner for the Raptors. The Hornets need youth and athleticism at the shooting guard spot. In Charlotte, Ross will be given starter’s minutes which might propel him to a breakout season.

The Hornets only need to give up veteran shooter Marco Belinelli and third-year center Cody Zeller to acquire Ross. Belinelli can provide much-needed scoring off the bench for the Raptors. Meanwhile, Zeller will act as an insurance policy for Jonas Valanciunas and Jared Sullinger.

If the Belinelli-Zeller experiment won’t pan out in Toronto, the Raptors can easily move on from their minimum contracts. Belinelli has two seasons left on his current deal with the Hornets. He is set to be paid $6.3 million per year. On the other hand, Zeller’s $5.3 million paycheck will be off the books after next season, as per Basketball Reference.

Ross knows his best days are yet to come. He wants to prove to the Raptors that it would be a mistake to even consider trading him. In a recent interview with Basketball Insider, Ross revealed he wants to play a more physical brand of basketball starting next season.

“I want to continue to get stronger and be able to absorb contact better when I’m driving. I’ve been shooting a lot of mid-range shots too,” he said. “I’m just learning how to read defenses and make the best play possible when I’m out there.”

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