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NBA Trade Rumors: Taj Gibson In Toronto Raptors’ Radar

NBA Trade Rumors: Taj Gibson In Toronto Raptors’ Radar
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NBA Trade Rumors: Taj Gibson In Toronto Raptors’ Radar

Chicago Bulls’ front-court guys are underperforming this season. Rumors have it that they will be traded off soon. The first on the line is Taj Gibson, according to reports.

The Toronto Raptors registered an emphatic win over last season’s Eastern Conference champions Cleveland Cavaliers. The team is now eager to strengthen their front-court further. The Canadian franchise is the only team to have shown interest in veteran Bulls forward Gibson, who had a lackluster run this season. He has so far averaged 6.7 points and grabbed 5.3 rebounds per game. Chicago’s frontcourt is crowded with Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, and Nikola Mirotic. To shed flab and save money, the Bulls would need to offload Taj.

There was tension between Hoiberg and Gibson. This is another reason the Bulls are trying to trade off Taj to maintain peace in the camp. According to reports, the proposed trade would send Taj in Toronto in return of power forward Patrick Patterson and other possible draft picks. Patterson, though, will get limited minutes at Bulls once the trade is ratified.

The inclusion of experienced Gibson in Toronto’s camp would add depth to their roster as they look forward to become a contender of the Eastern Conference championship, according to experts.

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