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NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay Unsure Of Sacramento Kings’ Direction, Asking Out Soon?

NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay Unsure Of Sacramento Kings’ Direction, Asking Out Soon?
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NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay Unsure Of Sacramento Kings’ Direction, Asking Out Soon?

Rudy Gay has shared his thoughts on the sorry state of the Sacramento Kings. He feels that the team lacks communication and consistency.

Gay is on the final guaranteed year of his contract. He can opt out of his deal after the 2016-17 NBA season. As such, he has been the subject of multiple trade rumors. League experts say the Kings are anxious to trade the 6-foot-8 small forward, before he leaves them for nothing next summer.

In a tell-all interview with Sac Town Royalty, Gay revealed that he signed a three-year extension with the Kings in 2014 thinking the franchise had a plan in place. Now, he doesn’t even know who the new players are or what direction the team is heading.

“I suit up and give it my all. That’s all I can do in this situation, that’s all you can do. Go out there and play as much as you can,” Gay lamented. “Obviously, we don’t have anything to really build on. We have a new coach. I think that’s the only thing we can really build on. New coach and seeing how it plays out.”

It can be remembered that former Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger was hired as the Kings new head coach in May. ESPN reported that Joerger inked a three-year, $12M deal with the Kings that includes an option for a fourth and final year.

Gay already knew Joerger back when they were still with the Grizzlies. He commended Joerger for pushing the Grizzlies into last year’s playoffs, despite devastating injuries to point guard Mike Conley and center Marc Gasol.

Regarding the trade rumors, Gay re-iterated that he never asked the Kings to trade him. NBA fans and analysts may have gotten the wrong notion from his and his teammates’ evident frustrations on and off the court.

“I think people saw my disinterest, not disinterest, but I think people saw what went on this season and kind of went on that to say that I asked for a trade,” he explained. “I still feel like I had a lot more to give. [But] because of the structure of the team, I wasn’t able to give everything.”

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