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NBA News: Dwyane Wade Signs $47 Million Deal With Bulls, Calls LeBron James ‘Cheap,’ Merchandise Selling For $13

NBA News: Dwyane Wade Signs $47 Million Deal With Bulls, Calls LeBron James ‘Cheap,’ Merchandise Selling For $13
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NBA News: Dwyane Wade Signs $47 Million Deal With Bulls, Calls LeBron James ‘Cheap,’ Merchandise Selling For $13

Dwyane Wade, a NBA free agent has announced his decision to leave his team Miami Heat and join Chicago Bulls. At the same time, co-hosting “Live with Kelly” on Thursday, he allegedly claimed how cheap LeBron James is when out on vacations.

The 34-year-old had an offer of $40million in place by Miami Heat, for which he has been playing since the last 13 years. However, Wade opted to play for his home team, signing a two-year deal with Chicago Bulls for reportedly $47million.

In a behind-the-scenes segment on “Live with Kelly” on Thursday, Kelly Ripa asked D-Wade who the cheapest NBA player is to vacation with and lo and behold, he said that it was his closest pal, LeBron James.

It was said in jest though but nothing is really bad with being a cheapskate and loving to save, no matter how your salary is.

Dwyane Wade on Bulls

For the past few days, there was some kind of bitterness building up within Dwyane Wade and his team Miami Heat. He met Heat owner Micky Arison in New York on Monday. Arison later took to Twitter and thanked Wade for his association with the team for 13 years.

It was when Dwyane Wade failed to reach an agreement with Arison that he was let go. And Chicago Bulls quickly took the opportunity and traded their players to make way for Wade, ESPN reports. “Miami dared a very proud man to go home, and that man’s best friend [LeBron James] just won a title by going home,” said a source close to the process, speaking to ESPN. The third point shooting guard of Miami was directly in contact with Arison for his contract negotiations over the last two summers.

“I look back with pride and amazement at all that we accomplished,” Wade said in a statement to Associated Press, USA Today reports.

There has been a huge leap in the salary cap which has caused teams to hand out record amounts of money to players. Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler, Bulls shooting guard had a phone conversation with Wade in which the latter was recruited on Wednesday, a source said. Wade and Butle, who are both from Marquette University, are looking forward to playing together.

The insider also revealed that Wade also considered playing for Milwaukee Bucks, because of the Marquette connection. But, the deal did not fall in place as the team was unable to offer the price quoted by Wade, which was too high for them — $50 million. Meanwhile Bulls Jose Calderon is being traded to Los Angeles Lakers.

Heat Selling Dwyane Wade Merchandise For Only $13

Meanwhile, Larry Brown Sports reported that Heat are going to sell Wade merchandise at all of its store locations at a significantly discounted price — $13! Of course, the money is not the issue, 13 holds a significant meaning after all.

Apart from the sale, the team will commemorate Wade throughout the day on July 8.

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