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NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Moves To Help Heat Compete With Cavs

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Moves To Help Heat Compete With Cavs
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NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Moves To Help Heat Compete With Cavs

NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat (23-20) are on a three-game losing streak. Here we propose five moves the president can make ahead of the Feb 18 deadline:

NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat (23-20) are on a three-game losing streak. Despite boasting of a supremely talented roster, Dwayne Wade’s team is seeded seventh in the Eastern Conference, and a long shot from competing with the top seeded Cleveland Cavaliers.

How can Miami turn their fortunes around? A few trades could help their cause.

Here we propose five moves that president Pat Riley can make ahead of the February 18 deadline:

Luol Deng and Gerland Green for Rudy Gay
ESPN Trade Machine: Approves

It’s an open secret that Sacramento have made Rudy Gay available via trade. A direct swap between Deng and Gay should be good enough but Kings would want another asset or two. Ideally, Kings would want rookie Justise Winslow. But Heat is unlikely to part with the wing.

Josh McRoberts for Timofey Mozgov
ESPN Trade Machine: Approves

With Tristan Thompson elevated to the starting role, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been making trade calls for Timofey Mozgov. Miami risk losing Hassan Whiteside in free agency this summer (since they don’t own his bird rights). Mozgov would be an ideal back-up in the defensive-minded Heat system.

Chris Andersen for Nick Young
ESPN Trade Machine: Approves

Nick Young is out of favor with Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott. With the swingman barely seeing any playing time this season, it’s obvious that the Lakers are shopping “Swaggy P.” Young is still an efficient spot-up shooter and would help the void left by Green and Deng.

Haslem, Stoudemire, Stokes for J.J Hickson
ESPN Trade Machine: Approves

The Denver Nuggets have been actively shopping big man Hickson. Again, since the Heat stand to lose Whiteside over the summer, it would be a wise call to secure a veteran Center. Hickson can still average a double-double on any given night and can help with valuable minutes off the bench.

Hassan Whiteside for Dwight Howard
ESPN Trade Machine: Disapproves

Now, this is a controversial one. Without the needed Bird Rights, Pat Riley stands to lose his ace big man in free agency. Houston Rockets would be more than willing to swap the under-performing Howard for an up-and-coming talent like Whiteside. The economics don’t work. Whiteside is slated to make less than $1 million this year. Howard is making more than $22 million. But how will the teams make it work? There is one solution. Since Howard has a player option next year, the Rockets can let him walk and do a sign-and-trade with Heat. It is a long shot. But stranger things have happened in the past.

Stay tuned for more NBA Trade Rumors.

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