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NBA Trade News: Gerald Green Could Be Traded To Lakers Or Mavs By Heat

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NBA Trade News: Gerald Green Could Be Traded To Lakers Or Mavs By Heat

Gerald Green could be heading To LA Lakers soon. Find out why this shooter is leaving Miami Heat soon in this NBA trade news report.

NBA Trade News: Gerald Green might be keen on returning to basketball, but he may have to don the colors of another team. Miami Heat are considering to trade off their controversial shooting guard to the Los Angeles Lakers or Dallas Mavericks.

The Miami Heat think-tank have a feeling that they have found a winning combination. So Green is no longer required in their roster. Rookies Justise Winslow and Tyler Johnson are capable of proving their mettle, according to Miami management.

Headcoach, Eric Spoelstra’s rotation has worked to form a winning chemistry with Winslow and Johnson, as they dished out quality show in their playing minutes. Now the shooting guard’s return could create rotational issues for the coach.

Gerald Green was hospitalized and then suspended for two games by his team for misconduct. Green is set to return now.

Los Angeles Lakers or Dallas Mavericks could be interested on Green due to his “athleticism and scoring abilities,, according to sources. There’s a possibility of a straight deal with Mavs’ power forward Dwight Powell. The Mavs are keen on Green due to his three-point shooting prowess. The Mavs are winning, despite Chandler Parsons‘ limited minutes.


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