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NBA Trade News: Cavaliers May Trade Tristan Thompson For Markieff Morris

NBA Trade News: Cavaliers May Trade Tristan Thompson For Markieff Morris
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NBA Trade News: Cavaliers May Trade Tristan Thompson For Markieff Morris

The Cleveland Cavaliers may be choosing Markieff Morris over Tristan Thompson.

Will Tristan Thompson be traded off in favor of Markieff Morris. Reports say the Cleveland Cavaliers are thinking of it. Find out more below.

LeBron James thinks he should be the priority.

But in sharp contrast, The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to trade All-star Tristan Thompson for Markieff Morris, who was earlier reported by Morning News USA as being in desperate need to be traded to a different team.

With Cleveland pushing Thompson to accept a one-year-deal, the player expressed his desire to quit the franchise. Now with both parties coming closer to a point, a trade is likely in the cards.

“If Thompson is on the qualifying offer, this will be his last year with the Cavs,” agent Rich Paul told the ESPN.

Earlier, multiple reports claimed that Thompson is eyeing a five year-$94 million deal from Cleveland.

Cavs made it a point that he was worth significantly less money, and offered him $80 million. In that situation Thompson can become a free agent by opting for $6.8 million qualifying offer.

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The athlete will be making his final call following the training camp next month.

On the other hand, The Suns are dissatisfied with Markieff Morris adopting the Kevin Love-ways of last season at Minnesota recently.

“He has called out the fans, he’s become an enemy of the front office and has gone full Kevin Love on the Suns the way the current Cavs star did to the Timberwolves last summer,” reported Fansided.

Basically, there is no future in Phoenix for Morris and certain things are bound to happen one way or the other to rectify the situation.”

Morris is probably the biggest bargain in the league today, and it’s a great opportunity for the 25-year-old forward to play with the title contenders and LeBron James.

According to Fansided the trade of Thompson for Morris is bound to happen due to the following reasons.

1) Cavs save what they’ve to pay.

2) Suns get rid of Morris-ache and acquire an All-star.

3) Morris gets trade, Thompson gets desired deal.

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