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These NBA Sweaters Light Up For More Holiday Cheers

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These NBA Sweaters Light Up For More Holiday Cheers

An interesting line of NBA sweaters have seemingly lighten up everyone’s holiday spirit this Christmas. They call these “ugly” pullovers the new NBA Light It Up Sweaters.

Are these sweaters ‘ugly’?

Sold with logos of top NBA teams including Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, these sweaters are really, really ugly, as marketed. Plus, they are paired with equally hideous-looking Santa hats.

ABC anchors who wore these supposedly “ugly” NBA sweaters on Monday morning delivered the morning news. They were seen having a hearty laugh about it. The ABC team were also seen debating about the aesthetics. While some found the sweaters ugly enough, others found them appealing.

That being said, all of them had to accept in the end that the sweaters are both beautiful and ugly at the same time.

About The NBA Sweaters

Designed by Forever Collectibles, these 100% acrylic NBA sweaters feature something totally unheard of. The sweaters actually come wired with LED lights powered by a removable battery, inbuilt to “throw some lights” to the festive mood.

As for aesthetics, the sweater has woven graphics with logos and color schemes of top NBA teams. The cuffs, collar and waistband are rib-knit to allow more comfort while making sure they fit well.

Ideal for the winter holidays, these NBA sweaters can be used as pullovers, and the long sleeves make sure you are warm throughout.

The NBA Light It Up Sweaters come for a throw-away price of $79.99 apiece (prices vary depending on teams).

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