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NBA Star Jeremy Lin Sports Braids, Hates ‘Linsanity’ Reference

NBA Star Jeremy Lin Sports Braids, Hates ‘Linsanity’ Reference
Jeremy Lin Gene Wang / Flickr CC BY 2.0


NBA Star Jeremy Lin Sports Braids, Hates ‘Linsanity’ Reference

Known for his unique and wild hairstyles, NBA star Jeremy Lin has made headlines as he sported French braids.

It can be noted that the 27-year-old professional basketball player has been regularly sporting varying hairstyles throughout his career, from his years in Golden State Warriors to becoming part of New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets.

And just before he was officially introduced as the newest member of Brooklyn Nets, the California-born basketball star shocked fans when he donned a new style – his corn row braids.

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Prior to exhibiting ever-changing hairstyles, Jeremy Lin actually entered the NBA Draft with the government-issued crew cut, Fox Sports reported.

Among the hairstyles that he has already sported in the past are the top knot, slick-over and underground porpoise DJ.

Amid this scenario, the new point guard of Brooklyn Nets pointed out that he is not actually doing it to create a fad or a craze, according to New York Post.

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He further insisted that doing so is his way of being himself.

“I’ll be myself. But I don’t draw too many comparisons to Linsanity, the phenomenon,’’ Jeremy Lin said. “People will always compare me to that.”

“In a lot of ways — not in a negative way or that I’m offended — it dehumanizes me to refer to me as a phenomenon,” he added. “I’m going to be here, keep playing my game, do the best I can and whatever you guys want to call it, that’s up to you.”

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According to Brooklyn Nets’ general manager Sean Marks, his basketball IQ has already grown.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Lin explained that having the corn row braid has always been his dream, but failed to have it in the past because he did not find any braiders in the Bay Area. By moving to Brooklyn, he finally met someone to do it for him.

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