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NBA Rumors: Minnesota To Replace Ricky Rubio With Kris Dunn

NBA Rumors: Minnesota To Replace Ricky Rubio With Kris Dunn
Ricky Rubio Joe Bielawa / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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NBA Rumors: Minnesota To Replace Ricky Rubio With Kris Dunn

Ricky Rubio’s days with the Minnesota are numbered. The point guard is already preparing for the eventuality of Kris Dunn or Jamaal Murray replacing him.

Ricky Rubio’s days with the Minnesota Timberwolves are numbered. The Spanish point guard, who has three years left on his contract, is already preparing himself for the eventuality of a younger guard such as Kris Dunn or Jamaal Murray replacing him.

In recent weeks, there have been several reports that Providence senior Dunn is lobbying to be drafted by the Timberwolves, who own the fifth pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. The Timberwolves are expected to draft either Dunn or Murray depending on whichever guard is available.

Ricky Rubio ready to move on…

“When I arrived to Minnesota, my hope was to break the seven years’ streak without (a) presence in (the) playoffs. I still have that hope, but it’s very tough mentally when year after year that goal is not met,” Rubio said in an interview with Catalunya Radio from Spain, before adding that next season could be his last in a Timberwolves jersey.

“Next season will be crucial for me. I’ve been in the NBA for five years, and six years without playoffs would be a long time. At 26, I’d have to start thinking about teams that can get to the playoffs and win in the Finals,” added Rubio, who averaged 10.1 points and 8.6 assists last season after signing a four-year extension worth $56 million last summer.

Thibs would love Dunn….

Cannis Hoopus, SB Nation’s Timberwolves fan page, argued that Dunn would fit in nicely with new Timberwolves coach Tob Thibodeau, who preaches a defense-first attitude. “Thibs seems to have locked in on a point guard in this draft, and that point guard has made a ruckus about not playing behind other point guards. The gut feeling I’m getting here is that Thibs has already decided he’s not going to roll with Rubio, and Kris Dunn is potentially a cheap, easy and immediate way to replace him,” writes Timberwolves reporter Key Dae.

Minnesota can get a valuable asset or two in return for Ricky Rubio, who despite his history of injuries is regarded as an elite floor general and defender.

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