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NBA Rumors: Is Ray Allen Leaning Towards Retirement?

NBA Rumors: Is Ray Allen Leaning Towards Retirement?
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NBA Rumors: Is Ray Allen Leaning Towards Retirement?

Ray Allen seems to be undecided about his future – whether he will continue to play or hang up his shoes.

Sources reveal, under the current circumstances, that Allen is leaning towards calling it quits.

“I have now heard that Ray Allen is leaning towards retiring,” said Brian Windhorst.

Ray Allen, Current Situation

Allen though can easily continue his career. He has received interest from reigning champions NBA Golden State Warriors and runner-up team the Cleveland Cavaliers. Aside from this, the Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and other few clubs have also shown keen interest to include him in their roster.

But currently, Allen is living in Miami and enjoying the weather and his daily stint at golf courses, a common practice of the East Coast retirees. What does this indicate?

But he’s also considering a return in the second half of the NBA, bolstering a contender. Allen’s closeness with LeBron James makes Cleveland Cavaliers the most probable side he could be in for.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, a man close to Miami and Cleveland, tweeted that Allen might choose not to play this season. But Allen declined a move to Miami after LeBron left the Hats last summer due to its cold weather conditions. Cleveland appears to be a much more unsecured option for him.

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