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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Hints At Joining Boston Celtics

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Hints At Joining Boston Celtics
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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Hints At Joining Boston Celtics

Is Kevin Durant entertaining thoughts of joining Boston Celtics? Per NBA Rumors, Boston will be 1 of 8 teams that will meet him when free agency opens.

Is Kevin Durant entertaining thoughts of joining Boston Celtics this summer? According to latest NBA Rumors, Boston will be one of nearly eight teams that will be granted face-to-face meetings with the free agent forward post July 1.

For weeks, we’ve been hearing the rumblings from a number of sports analysts around the country. They reckon that unless Durant returns home to Washington, the Celtics are the only other team out in the East that makes sense for the superstar forward.

The Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star went out of his way to praise Boston and its sports culture Wednesday morning. “I like the city a lot,” the former MVP said ahead of Thunder’s game against the Celtics at TD Garden. “It’s cold, but they love sports here. It’s a family atmosphere I feel when I walk around the city, so yeah, I like it a lot,” added the former four-time scoring champion.

Wise to move to East…

With the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs running roughshod over the West, wouldn’t it be wise for Durant to move East? Boston is armed with a truckload of cap space, as well as a skillful coach and players that have led the team to the third seed in the conference. With Durant in their ranks, Boston would become a legitimate threat to Cleveland Cavaliers overnight.

As fate would have it, injuries have prevented Durant from playing in TD Garden since November 23, 2012. “It’s been a while, right? Before this game, I was hoping everything goes well our last game so I can finally play here. It’s been three years since I played here, so I’m really looking forward to it. Some of the best fans in the world, and they definitely support their team, so I’m looking forward to it,” added Durant, who will be meeting with various suitors when free agency opens on July 1.

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Following Bird and Pierce…

With iconic small forwards Larry Bird and Paul Pierce paving the way, Durant will have the opportunity to write the next chapter in the most storied franchise in NBA history. The Thunder star has been keeping tabs on his possible future teammates. “I’ve been watching this team a lot. They’re scrappy. They play hard. They love their coach. They love their system, and especially in this building, they play with a lot of energy. So it’s going to be a tough test,” said Durant, showering praise on the young Celtics squad led by floor general Isiah Thomas.

On July 1, teams can begin meeting unrestricted free agents. Durant is expected to grant meetings to hopefuls Celtics, Lakers, Knicks, Rockets, Mavericks, Warriors and Heat. If Celtics make it past the second round in the forthcoming playoffs, expect Durant to give a lot of his attention to Danny Ainge.

Stay tuned for latest NBA Rumors.

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