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NBA: Chris Bosh Return Can Be Blocked By Miami Heat

NBA: Chris Bosh Return Can Be Blocked By Miami Heat
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NBA: Chris Bosh Return Can Be Blocked By Miami Heat

Chris Bosh is eagerly awaiting his comeback, even saying he’s ready to join his teammates for training camp. However, the Heat front office is not enthused.

Chris Bosh is eagerly awaiting his comeback, even asserting that he’s ready to join his Miami Heat teammates for training camp later this month. However, it seems like the Heat front office is not enthused.

Earlier this week, the Miami Herald reported that , there is “growing optimism” that Bosh would return on blood thinners, similar to how former Florida Panthers winger Tomas Fleischmann sustained a career in pro hockey.

However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported on Wednesday that the Heat are still quiet about the situation and their doctors are yet to clear Bosh to join training camp which begins on Sept. 27.

“At issue is whether Heat-approved doctors would clear Bosh to play while on medication (blood thinners) to prevent a recurrence of the blood clots.

“Bosh and the Heat have been working at a distance with his condition since the spring,” added Windhorst, suggesting that there is very little communication between the team and Bosh.

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Chris Bosh has owner’s support?

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his return, Bosh has received the support of Heat owner Micky Arison, who told the 11-time All-Star via Twitter that he wishes to see him at training camp.

“Especially with Micky Arison saying, ‘I’ll see you at camp.’ I think it’s moving forward. I have no reason to believe it’s not. We’ll finish this,” Bosh told the Open Run podcast in which he addressed his NBA future.

Earlier this year, the Heat didn’t allow Bosh to return for the playoffs despite the forward’s insistence that he was ready to return. Heat realized that the situation is extremely sensitive and allowing Bosh to return could jeopardize his health and the team’s public image.

Fast forward to September and Bosh is willing to “do whatever necessary” to convince Heat that he’s 100% ready to return.

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Ready for training camp…

“(I am) absolutely (ready for training camp). We’ve been talking about it for a long time. We released a statement in May that as soon as I’m ready to play, as soon as possible, I’ll play.

“I’m ready. I’ve done all my work working with the doctors. I’m in incredible shape. … I look good when I take my shirt off,” Bosh said in the podcast.

In fact, Bosh hinted that he was willing to switch teams if the Heat were unwilling to play him. Remember, Bosh has three years left on his five year, $118 million contract.

“It is my contractual and professional obligation to be there. Will I be cleared? I don’t know. But I will play basketball in the NBA. … This has been a struggle. This has not been easy.”

Chris Bosh was an integral part of the Miami Heat team which won two NBA championships and made four back-to-back Finals between 2010 and 2014.

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