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NBA Rumors: Is Chris Bosh Done For This Season?

NBA Rumors: Is Chris Bosh Done For This Season?
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NBA Rumors: Is Chris Bosh Done For This Season?

Chris Bosh was adamant that he would return this season. But his team, the Miami Heat, has received different medical opinions. Bosh has been ruled out since the All-star break due to concerns of blood clot forming.

Bosh was on medication which kept him out of action during the Heat’s run for the playoffs. Bosh was also ruled out last season due to similar concerns. According to a recent recent update of Bosh’s condition published in the Miami Herald:

“Chris Bosh, whose blood clot in his calf has dissipated, was still on blood thinners as of early this week, and the Heat and Bosh have received different medical opinions about how soon he can come off the medication, according to someone with direct knowledge. Bosh remains hopeful of playing this season but can do that only if he’s not on thinners.”

Some doctors recommend staying on blood thinners from three to six months after a clot develops. But that isn’t a unanimous view, and that’s one issue being debated with regard to Bosh. If he can come off the thinners sooner, he could potentially play again this season – something Bosh has said he remains “positive” about being able to do.”

Bosh on March 10, clarified that he has no blood clot. But the above report cites an existing clot which could delay Bosh’s potential date of return.

The Miami Heat has won 9 out of their last 12 games and has almost sealed a playoff berth. Bosh’s return could make them a potential force to reckon with in the playoffs.

Bosh can only return, when he no longer requires thinners. Bosh’s blood clot on his calf has dissipated but he is still on thinners, according to the Real GM. So, we will have to still wait and see whether Bosh returns for the playoffs this season or not.

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