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NBA 2K17 ‘The Prelude’: Everything You Need To Know

NBA 2K17 ‘The Prelude’: Everything You Need To Know
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NBA 2K17 ‘The Prelude’: Everything You Need To Know

NBA 2K17 ‘The Prelude’ will be available for a free download starting Friday morning. Here, we reveal all the details you need to know about the precursor.

NBA 2K17 ‘The Prelude’ will be available for download starting Friday morning (12 am E.T.). ‘The Prelude’, a free download for PS4 and XBox Live users, will allow the gamers to get a headstart into their MyCareer ahead of the game’s release on September 16-20 (depending on when you order).

Here, we reveal all the details you need to know about NBA 2K17: The Prelude

  • You will be allowed to play a total of five college games. Unlike NBA 2K16, your MyPlayer doesn’t go through high school before being recruited by universities.
  • There are 10 colleges to choose from, namely Arizona, Georgetown, Illinois, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State (Spartans), Oklahoma, Texas, UConn, and Wake Forest.
  • During the demo mode, you can’t play more than 3-minute quarters. The Game Informer notes that “coaches annoyingly pull you at crunch time yet again even if you’re leading the team in scoring by a large margin.”
  • You get only one attempt at playing five college games in order to improve your draft stock. The draft, for your MyPlayer, won’t be held until the game’s release. “One interesting twist on The Prelude is that no matter what, you can only play the mode through one time. It’s all or nothing — if you performance suffers, you might be lucky to be picked up late in the second round,” revealed Mike Lowe of Operation Sports.

  • All the progress made in NBA 2K17 ‘The Prelude’ is saved on the 2K Server before it is synced onto the game. Therefore, you can jump straight into the NBA Draft when the game arrives.
  • You can now download the My NBA2K17 App for iOS users over here and scan your face for your MyPlayer. This app enables the creation process for the facial appearance besides cosmetic options. However, you need to access The Prelude on your PS4 or XBox1 to alter features like height, weight, wingspan.

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NBA 2K17: Batman-Robin story mode

According to Ben Bishop of 2K Sports, there a sea-change in the story mode when compared to last year’s Spike Lee’s Livin’ Da Dream which received mixed reactions.

This time around, most of the story mode is focused on your actual basketball career, instead of the trials and tribulations that Freq endured during NBA 2K16.

In NBA 2K17, your MyPlayer befriends ‘Justice Young’, a teammate and friend portrayed by actor Michael B. Jordan, after turning pro.

According to Bishop, Young is “a second round pick on your team that comes in with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, having been passed over and second-guessed for most of his basketball career.”

According to Matt Bertz of Game Informer, “This character, named Justice Young, is the Robin to your Batman. Your goal is to become the next great dynamic duo in the league, following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen and Shaq/Kobe.”

Bertz revealed that this running mate named Justice Young will work out with your player on your MyCourt and share after hours laughs with ‘Denver Levins’, another character in the story mode.

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