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NBA 2K16 PS4 Update: Patch 4 Released

NBA 2K16 PS4 Update: Patch 4 Released
NBA 2K16 Marco Verch / Flickr CC BY 2.0


NBA 2K16 PS4 Update: Patch 4 Released

NBA 2K16 PS4 update: Patch 4 released by NBA 2K has fixed many issues gamers were coming across while playing the game. Here is the list of changes.

This is the time to fix all that was not right, and introduce better games that enhance the player’s experience on PS4 and Xbox One or 360. Recently, the Fallout 4 patch 1.02 was released for PS4, Xbox and PC; hence, the game received a boost from 24fps to 30fps. Now, the NBA 2K16 PS4 update has been released in the U.S.

The NBA 2K16 PS4 update measures 2.4GB. Patch 4 brings some general, MyLeague, MyCareer, gameplay and more changes to the game. Listed below are the key issues that have been fixed:

  1. Temporary loss of user control in 2K Cam is now fixed.
  2. In Edit Player, players used to encounter hangs while editing/applying tattoos. This has been fixed.
  3. On PC, corruption issues have been fixed.

NBA 2K on its Facebook page posted the complete update. Here are more from the official post:

1. Players were facing a disconnect issue while playing the game online. This has been fixed.
2. The pause timer used to stop counting. NBA 2K16 PS4 update has fixed this as well.
3. The balls collision frequency has been turned down.
4. When Doris Burke interviews MyPLAYER at the end of the game, the game used to hang before the update.
5. For the San Antonio Spurs theme, the floor and wall art has been corrected.
6. While entering the off-season, the game used to hang. The issue has been resolved.
7. In Team Comparison, there is a strength/weaknesses screen that wasn’t functioning properly. After the NBA 2K16 PS4 update, it will.

At the end of the post, NBA 2K left a note that says, “All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves (unless specifically noted otherwise).” The company also said it will soon be releasing an NBA 2K16 update for the Xbox One and PC. Read the changes in detail here.

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