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Nauru, Country Of 10,000 People, Bans Facebook

Nauru, Country Of 10,000 People, Bans Facebook
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Nauru, Country Of 10,000 People, Bans Facebook

Nauru, a tiny island nation, has banned Facebook, leading to criticism. The country with 10,000 people is said to have banned the social networking site for political reasons. However, its government claims that the move is part of discouraging “internet sites that show pornography, particularly those featuring children.”

Matthew Batsiua, opposition MP, said to Pacific Beat, “The real agenda here is curbing the rights of people to access social media.”

The leader further believes that the government has taken this step as its people used social media to criticize the dictatorial style of politician David Adeang.

The governing system in Nauru is highly criticized by people.

Many refugees who are now detained at Nauru connect with their families using Facebook. The news of the banning has shocked them, as it will disconnect them from their families.

According to ABC Australia, Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition said, “The ability to arrest… assemblies three or greater now extends to public areas and that effectively means inside the refugee compounds itself.”

He added, “It’s not far short of being a dictatorship.”

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