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National Moon Day July 20: Apollo II Astronaut Spacesuit & Artifacts Up For Auction

National Moon Day July 20: Apollo II Astronaut Spacesuit & Artifacts Up For Auction
Apollo 17: 40 Years Later NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr CC BY 2.0


National Moon Day July 20: Apollo II Astronaut Spacesuit & Artifacts Up For Auction

In July 20 1969, exactly 47 years ago, the world saw the first man to land on the Moon during NASA’s Apollo II successful mission. The historic event was the inspiration of those who pushed for National Moon Day to be celebrated across the country.

In the United States, hundreds, if not thousands, of holidays and commemorative days are being celebrated each day. But today, one of the most important one is National Moon Day; that’s not only important for Americans, but for the entire world as well.


According to the National Day Calendar, the Americans did not start celebrating Moon Day immediately after the historic landing of Niel Armstrong. It was in 1971 when then U.S. President Richard Nixon declared July 20 as National Moon Landing Day, which commemorated the first anniversary of the historic landing.

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But the 1971 celebration was discontinued without a succeeding proclamation. This prompted a man from Michigan, Richard Christmas, to write the so-called “Chrismas Card,” which he sent to congressmen and senators of 50 states at that time. By 1975, at least 12 states followed suit and sponsored a bill declaring July 20 as an annual event, officially named as National Moon Day.

Artifacts up for Auction

Aside from commemorating Armstrong’s historic landing on the Moon, which was seen all over the world via satellite feed, the day is also a good day for moon landing artifacts enthusiasts. In fact, the famous Bonham auction house in New York is holding a special auction event today dedicated to rare space artifacts, TIME reported.

One of the items that will be auctioned today is the full size replica of Sputnik, the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. The item is expected to sell for $15,000.

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