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Nathan Carman Family Mystery: After Murder Of Wealthy Grandfather, Mom Goes Missing

Nathan Carman Family Mystery: After Murder Of Wealthy Grandfather, Mom Goes Missing
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Nathan Carman Family Mystery: After Murder Of Wealthy Grandfather, Mom Goes Missing

On Tuesday, a man named Nathan Carman survived a fishing disaster, and his mother’s life was apparently claimed in the mishap.

Coast Guard officials interviewed the 22-year-old survivor before he returned to his home in rural Vermont. Fifty-four-year-old Linda Carman, his mother who lived in Middletown, Connecticut, had been presumed dead, according to the Coast Guard.

“I feel healthy,” Nathan said, while he spoke to reporters outside his home.

“Emotionally I’ve been through a huge amount.”

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According to the Boston Globe, the son thanked the public for their concern. The son was rescued and taken ashore in Boston by a Coast Guard boat, which picked him up from a Chinese freighter. He was rescued off Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday.

He was interviewed by the Coast Guard with attorney Hubert J. Santos, who informed that his client had cooperated entirely with the officials.

The Coast Guard provided an audio recording of a telephone call with Nathan after he was rescued by the freighter. During the call, the son asked whether Coast Guard officials found his mother. However, the official answered, saying they were not able to find her.

In 2013, it was reported that the son was a suspect in the unsolved 2013 fatal shooting of his grandfather in Windsor, according to court records. His grandfather was an 87-year-old Connecticut-based real estate developer known as John Chakalos.

Windsor police filed an arrest warrant for the 22-year-old on a murder charge in July 2014. However, the warrant was refuted by the prosecutor the next day and was returned unsigned. A search warrant was issue by police to search the son’s apartment in Middletown, where he lived at that time.

It was indicated in the search warrant that the 2014 arrest was returned with a “request for further information,” thus he was not charged, as reported by The Courant.

Currently, the cold case unit of the chief state’s attorney is assisting Windsor police in the investigation. As of now, no arrests have been made in the murder, as per authorities.

His grandfather, John Chakalos, was known for his 6 million-light Christmas display. He was found dead by a family member in his home in Windsor, Connecticut. According to a Windsor police department press release, the medical examiner’s office concluded that Chakalos died of a gunshot wound to the head.

It was reported by CNN that Chakalos’ Christmas exhibition used up almost half of the his 86-acre property. The setup included 6 million lights, as per the property’s caretaker, Joy Washburn. Chakalos and his wife Rita were known for their grandiose Christmas display.

The couple had welcomed the public to drive through the estate and urged visitors to donate money or nonperishable food for Joan’s Food Pantry.

“Not only do they warm the heart of thousands of people who come through, they warm the hearts of hundreds of people in the community who benefit from food and cash donations,” said a volunteer from Joan’s Food Pantry, Val Starbuck.

When the grandfather’s murdered body was found in 2013, his estate had a value of almost $40 million.

The strangest part in the whole ordeal was that Linda and her three siblings received $21 million each after their father’s death. And now that Linda herself is missing and presumed dead, netizens find that quite uncanny.

“So his wealthy grandfather was murdered in 2013, unsolved….mom disappears and he’s found unharmed floating along with plenty of supplies to be ‘lost at sea’ for a while…I may be jumping to conclusions but this boy killed gramps then mom and is hoping they can’t convict him on any of it and he ends up with a sh** ton of 💰💰” said a Facebook user, Chandrée Vieira Kozlin, in a post.

According to Heavy, another search warrant was issued to grant access inside Nathan Carman’s current house in Vermont. Police were looking for maps, documents, global positioning devices, computers, hand-held electronic devices and books, which could help to solve the mystery behind the fishing trip.

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