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“Nashville” Season 5: What To Expect When It Happens

“Nashville” Season 5: What To Expect When It Happens
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“Nashville” Season 5: What To Expect When It Happens

With so many clamoring for “Nashville” season 5, it is highly likely that it will come back in some form. Below are some of the possible “Nashville” season 5 plots if it happens!

Reports said that fans deserve to have a “Nashville” season 5 because the cliffhanger of its Season 4 finale has left them wondering about Juliette’s reunion with Avery.

No “Nashville” season 5?

In the “Nashville season” 4 finale, all characters’ storyline has already been wrapped up but Juliette was left hanging when her plane bound to Nashville lost communication. There was also a scene where Avery and Cadence are waiting for her in the runway.

Entertainment Focus said that fans need to clarify this in “Nashville” season 5, if it will push through.

“We need to know what happened to Juliette,” Pip Hughes of Entertainment Focus said, noting that it is very unlikely that a main character will be killed off.

Aside from Juliette, Gunnar and Scarlett may have a “real shot at a relationship” in Nashville season 5, as well as a “happier times” for Rayna and Deacon as they have been having marriage woes for the previous season.

“Nashville” season 4 Finale

Will, meanwhile, might also get back on his track as he already went to being an openly gay country singer.

“Now Will has finally fought his corner and stood up to the bigots, it’ll be interesting to see how he rebuilds his career,” the write noted. “The issue is certainly a topical one and I’d like to see the show continue it to a proper conclusion.”

Despite the fan’s outrage on its cliffhanger season 4 finale which ended in a Twitter campaign with the hashtag, #BringBackNashville, Lionsgate TV chairman Kevin Beggs told The Hollywood Reporter that it is what they “always envisioned.”

“To go with a too-easy wrap-up is more of a disservice to the fans who have invested four years in this great cast and these great stories,” he said. “And there [are] more stories to tell.”

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