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‘Nashville’ Season 5: Sam Palladio Returns, Budget Cuts Affect Casting?

‘Nashville’ Season 5: Sam Palladio Returns, Budget Cuts Affect Casting?
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‘Nashville’ Season 5: Sam Palladio Returns, Budget Cuts Affect Casting?

Both good and bad news for “Nashville” fans! After CMT picked-up “Nashville” season 5, a recent report revealed that Sam Palladio might just be coming back, but with budgetary constraints, casting might be affected.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the 29-year-old actor, who plays Gunnar Scott in the musical drama TV series, shared that negotiations for him to reprise his role is going on.

“At the moment negotiations have just begun,” he said. “We only just found out that we have a new home. The business side of things is always interesting.”

“When we got cancelled, a lot of us found out via Twitter and there wasn’t much communication when these big deals are struck,” Scott added about the fate that “Nashville” season 5 had to experience prior to finding a new home.

Apart from his optimism about returning for more stories that would unfold in the upcoming season, Scott also dished that some changes are bound to happen as well.

“We have a new writing team this season, and a new network – CMT is built all around music and showing new artists and concerts and collaborations,” he said about “Nashville” season 5, adding that “it will be a very cool home for the show and hopefully it may lead to more from us musicians on the show.”

As fans anticipate to see more of their idols to be back for the fifth season, ABCS EVP Patrick Moran disclosed during the Peak TV panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX hinted that with the reported budget cuts, casting might be affected, the Deadline reported.

“I’m so happy we were able to keep [Nashville] alive but the economics were tight,” he said. “I’m happy we were able to make this work with Hulu and CMT.”

He, however, expressed gratefulness for the fans’ support which might have a major influence for CMT’s decision to pick-up “Nashville” season 5 after ABC cancelled it.

“I do think if there is a certain degree of passion for some of these shows it helps in keeping some momentum and some traction,” Moran stated. “But it is a complicated equation and you do feel the pressure of it not making as much money” and “costing more.”

Keep posted for more “Nashville” season 5 spoilers and news.

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