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After NASA Zodiac Change, Mercury No Longer A Planet – Report

After NASA Zodiac Change, Mercury No Longer A Planet – Report
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After NASA Zodiac Change, Mercury No Longer A Planet – Report

After the rumored NASA zodiac change, an exploration led by NASA just found out that the planet Mercury is still shrinking even until today while showing some peculiar characteristics that were previously unknown to scientists.

High-resolution images helped NASA-led research team to gather some important discovery about the hot and small planet Mercury. Apart from the fact that this hot planet continues to shrink, it also joined the rank of Earth as a tectonically active planet.

Tectonically Active Mercury

For billions of years, Earth enjoyed the title of being the only tectonically active planet in our solar system. But it appeared, after careful study and analysis of high-resolution image obtained by the probe MESSENGER, Mercury is also a tectonically active planet.

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But unlike Earth, Mercury has no plate tectonics; instead, it has crustal shrinking. This, according to NASA scientists, can still be considered as a tectonic activity. In fact, it’s so intense that it could even trigger quakes in Mercury.

Full details of the exploration will be featured in the October issue if the science journal Nature Geoscience with Tom Watters, Smithsonian senior scientist at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. as one of the lead researchers.

Planets, New Zodiac Sign

“The young age of the small scarps means that Mercury joins Earth as a tectonically active planet, with new faults likely forming today as Mercury’s interior continues to cool and the planet contracts,” Watters was quoted as saying by NASA.

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It can be recalled that rumors of NASA’s move to release an updated and new zodiac sign has generated mixed reactions over the past days. The same news also generated confusion, especially since reports surfaced that from the 12 zodiac signs, a new sign—ophiuchus—was added.

But NASA was quick to clarify that it did not ‘add’ or ‘update’ the zodiac sign as astrology is not under its mandate since it is not science.

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